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Forum and Posting Rule

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1Forum and Posting Rule Empty Forum and Posting Rule on Sat Sep 04, 2010 10:05 pm

The Boss

The Boss
Admininstrator(web master)
Admininstrator(web master)
The following is a list of rules to be observed at all times on these forums. The goal of these rules is to make sure everyone follows the same posting standards and don't add irrelevant, inappropriate, futile, spammy or offensive content. We thank you for your cooperation and in helping to turn 6hope into a thriving community!

I. When to post

- You have something relevant to add.
- To give your opinion about the topic being discussed.
- It is allowed to resurrect an old topic if you have something relevant to add to it.
- To say anything really, as long as it doesn't sound inappropriate, totally out of place or offensive.

II. When Not to post

- Please, do NOT double post. You may instead hit the "Edit" button right below your post to add content or modify it.
- No spam or offensive post.
- Totally out of context or unnecessary addition to the discussion.

III. What to post

- Anything relevant or that somehow makes sense in the thread's context. As long as spammy or offensive comments are avoided (and the other rules respected), it should be alright.
- If you believe part or all of your post contains spoilers, we strongly encourage the use of [spoiler] tags to hide it by default (and thus prevent leaking sensitive information to unsuspecting readers).

Note that 6Hope Admin farao and moderators rendeer reserve the rights to take any sanction deemed necessary at our own discretion.

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